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Signs my Deceased Dog was OK part II

After Sasha's tragic death
    I was depressed for some time.  I cried a lot.  I thought I heard her walking through the house.  I took a photo of her empty crate, hoping to miraculously see her in the developed photo as 'proof' she was O.K.  I hugged her blanket nightly. 
    One day I sat in bed and watched t.v. (awe, life before kids right?!).  -Back then we had DISH, this was in 2006.  I never really watched the cartoon channel by myself but for some reason on this day I flicked through and stopped on the cartoon, or maybe it was a Disney channel.  
    By chance the movie, "All Dogs Go to Heaven Part II," was on.  This was a coincidence I thought since Sasha had recently been killed and I was heavily mourning her.  I left the movie on for a minute and quickly discovered, the lead female dog character's name was Sasha.  This comforted me.  I did feel it was a sign in a way... but I wanted a bigger one... I wanted to see her ghost or something but, this was n…