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Copy of Letter to Tire Discounters

December 05, 2018

Tire Discounters Corporate Office,

    On November 28th, a Wednesday, I took my car to your 9514 Preston Hwy. Louisville, KY. 40229 store.     I took my car there for an alignment since the steering wheel was pulling slightly to the left after having had it balanced elsewhere. The place that balanced it didn't have equipment to align it which is why I took it to Tire Discounters for the alignment.
    The staff was welcoming and friendly. Within a few minutes the 'sales person,' Mr. Jamie Howard, called me back to show me the problem- it needed new control arms. Jamie and the mechanic showed me the bushings of the control arms were eroded and said they should be replaced so I'd enjoy the smoother ride I was after.
    I wasn't anticipating the need to change any parts when I walked into Tire Discounters so this caught me off guard. And speaking of guard, I didn't have mine up as I wasn't aware a tire shop had sales people on staff. Bu…