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To Foster or Not Foster a Child for DCBS

As a practitioner of positivity I did not want to hear it...
All the negative responses upon mentioning our plans to foster a child.  And, don't get me wrong, I only mentioned it to close friends, a few family members and women I perceived would be supportive of our plan.
    But even those few people, my mother, grandmother, women with advanced degrees that work or worked in social work, my childcare provider... were not encouraging with the idea to foster a child.  I was surprised and saddened by this and resolved to buckle down that much more on the idea to foster a child. 

    "All the negative stigma that goes along with fostering only proves to me we're that much more needed you know?" I said to my husband one evening. 
    He agreed. Both of us were a little nervous but on board to foster a child. 
    Our 4-year-old son, Sam, loved the idea of having a 'foster brother' to play with too!
The primary reasons I want to foster a child are:
-I sincerely want to h…