Kentucky Mutts Foster Parents, What to Know!

The greatest benefits to fostering for Kentucky Mutts Fosters are:

1.) You don't need to find a home for your foster pet. 
When I started fostering back in 2006 (for a municipal shelter), I had to find homes for my foster dogs. There wasn't another option available to them! 
This was and still is extremely rewarding but, as a busy mom that works, fostering for Ky. Mutts is great in that... I don't have the task or responsibility of finding a loving home for these fosters. 

Some great Ky. Mutts transport activity!

2.) You know where your foster dog is going when he or she leaves your care. 
You will know to which rescue, in which city and state, your dog is going. 
Ky. Mutts works in partnership with a larger transport rescue group, Mobile Mutts. 
These 2 rescues 'pull' dogs from high kill shelters in southern states, and rescue dogs from compromising situations. 
From there the dogs are placed in foster care (this is where you come in!) until their transport date. On the dogs' transport date, they're taken to one of the approved rescues with which Ky. Mutts works. 
These (receiving) rescue groups are all foster-based, which means the dogs will not go to a shelter and be put in a cage until adopted, but rather, will go directly to an awaiting, approved adopter, or approved foster home until they're adopted. 

Kentucky Proud!

3.) You can be in contact with the rescue and/or adopter which will receive your foster dog. 
This is golden to me!  You don't have to reach out to the rescue that's taking your foster dog but, I'm always eager to establish that communication. 
You simply ask one of the Ky. Mutts admins where your foster dog's going, look up that rescue's facebook page (they all have facebook pages... with excellent reviews I might add), and send them a PM. Introduce yourself as "Chester's foster" for example, send pictures, and express that you're very hopeful your foster dog can go directly to an adopter. Tell them they're welcome to share your contact info with your foster dog's adopter or foster. 
These rescues are busy but, believe me, they'll do their best to share your foster dog's profile on their websites and social media before it even arrives. This way you're giving your foster dog the best chance possible at going directly into a loving home. -This is the best and simplest outcome for everyone involved in this process. 

Amanda Baldwin and Ky Mutts transport pup

And, words can't express how rewarding it is to be in touch with your foster pet's new mommy or daddy. You give them invaluable information about their dog's routines and habits. Again, this makes the transition smoother for everyone!

4.) The foster timeline is reasonable. 
In most cases, you'll have your Ky. Mutts foster for 1-3 weeks. And you should know your dog's pending transport date when you take it in. 
Most KM (Ky Mutts) fosters I've had were with me for 7 days. -I did have a couple for 3 weeks. That's harder since you get attached to the dog and vise versa. But, this is not the ideal scenario for KM either. 
KM aims at having dogs in foster care for one-two weeks only although, since it relies mainly on volunteer fosters, drivers, etc., the schedule can get backed up. So you see, your help really is needed! 

Nisa, one of my KM fosters!
5.) Food, etc is provided.
You will be given food, a collar and leash, and sometimes, toys for your foster pet. Ideally you should have your own crate but KM can lend you one if necessary. 
Note: most organizations do provide their foster parents with these resources so you're not out of pocket for anything. 
Your foster pet will be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccines when you receive it.

6.) You will be part of a community of like-minded people.
The pet rescue community is enormous and knows no boundaries! It's great knowing you're part of something so much bigger than just you. 
And, these are people you have something in common with right off the bat... you all love animals and are called to do philanthropic work. 
As a KM foster parent you will have the chance to be an ambassador for homeless pets everywhere. The opportunities to be involved and make a positive difference are endless. 
Note: the grand majority of rescue folks are women, although I've met some incredible men in rescue too!

One pretty, happy foster dog!

7.) And, as if you need any other reason to foster... volunteer work looks great on your life resume! 
It's true! 
Knowing that you're donating your time and energy to saving lives will not only increase your sense of self worth and confidence, but will also put you 'ahead of the game' if you're looking for a new job. Employers love seeing civic involvement! 

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