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How to Become a Professional, Independent Dog Walker

I've been an independent, professional dog walker for nearly 5 years now. 
    So, in this post, as I offer you suggestions, I'm speaking from experience. -Let's go ahead and make that our first topic!

    1.) Experience will set you apart from the competition in this field. But how do you get experience if you're just starting out? 
-Easy. -Volunteer at a local animal shelter as a dog handler/walker/socialization coach. Volunteering is a great way to get experience with all different sizes, types and personalities of dogs... and it's highly rewarding. With even an hour or two weekly, for several weeks, you'll get the ball rolling. This also looks great on your resume. -Have business cards handy whenever you volunteer; you just might pick up your first customer as you  volunteer! 
    You could also offer to do dog walking at a reduced rate for your friends and family members just to get some experience and build up a reference list. 

    2.) References are a mu…