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What is a REDUCETARIAN and Am I One?

When I came across an article on the "reducetarian movement," I chuckled (another movement?!)... and felt invigorated.
    From ages 17-25 I was a vegetarian. But one night at a cookout after having a few beers those grilled chicken legs looked and smelled really good. I had endured months of being surrounded by meat-eaters with my then-husband, Jose. In my inebriated state I caved; I ate chicken legs and loved them.
Since then I've been eating meat... conscientiously

    I do not eat pork for example.    When I worked for AFLAC years ago I had an open enrollment at Purdue Sausage Factory. After finishing my enrollments I said I wanted to see where the pigs were killed.      "Are you sure?" asked the employee.     "Yes, I can handle it. I want to see what it's really like," I said.  So he walked me down to the factory where the large pigs were brought to the slaughter line, via a conveyor belt. They didn't even get to walk into the building from th…