Why Vasectomy is the Best Birth Control Option When You're Done Having Kids

When our son was a little over a year old my husband and I opted for him to have a vasectomy. 

    Until our son began eating solids (a.k.a. baby mush) at 5 months, he had only breast milk.  Breastfeeding is birth control by design; this is another great benefit of exclusively breastfeeding your baby. There's an informative link on this topic at the bottom of this post. 

    So, for about a year husband and I didn't worry much about formal birth control since 
1.) we weren't having a lot of sex anyway since the first year of parenting is extremely exhausting and
2.) there was a tiny part of us that wouldn't have minded if I were to get pregnant again anyhow

    However, when the hormones started kicking back into full gear and our sex life started heating back up, the pull out method was making me a nervous wreck! 

Heating Up!

So, I did 2 things I do very well: worried and researched. The worrying would typically only hit me right after sex but it could last a few days. Worrying about getting pregnant was causing unnecessary anxiety in my life. 
    Taking care of a 1 year old, working part time, being a good house-wife, etc., was enough to 'worry about,' I certainly didn't need to worry about an unwanted pregnancy too! 

Upon Researching Our Birth Control Options I Discovered:

-Hormonal birth control ('the pill,' most IUDs have hormones, the patch, etc.) has been linked to an increased risk of some cancers, particularly breast cancer. 
-IUDs can come with a host of unpleasant side effects, including yeast infections and more severe periods.
-The non-hormonal IUD (para-guard) is linked to decreasing bone density in long-term users.
-Using hormonal birth control can cause low libido and completely mutes a woman's Venus Week, see OBGYN, Becca Booth's book, The Venus Week.
-Tubal ligation can lead to a host of complications post-surgery and isn't a 'simple procedure.'
-Risks accompanying female birth control tend to increase with age, in particular for women over the age of 35 and finally,
-Vasectomy surgery is simple (as in 10 minutes!), rarely leads to complications and is nearly 100% effective.

See links to articles referencing these statistics and studies at the bottom of this page


    After showing my husband the facts about our birth control options, he said, "Yeah, I'll get a vasectomy. You can't take something that could make you sick."
    I was relieved and not surprised... I know my man's character. 

The morning of the scheduled surgery Fabricio took a 10 mg Valium, which had been prescribed to him by the urologist, this was meant to calm his nerves going into surgery... and it worked marvelously.  He was very happy on the drive to the clinic.

    Fabricio was quickly taken back for the procedure and I settled into a lobby chair with a magazine. The article I was reading was 3 pages long. I finished a page and a half of the article and... Fab came out! At first I thought something went wrong, that they couldn't do the vasectomy but, nope, they did it. -It's just that fast!

    I was so amazed I tweeted the urologist's office props that same day.  Fab had the surgery on a Friday, was in some pain over the weekend but had good pain medication prescribed for that, and returned to work on Monday. I've seen him made far more uncomfortable by a bad head cold than by a vasectomy! And this is the way it plays out for most men. 

This is why your sex life is better if your partner has a vasectomy oppose to you taking hormonal birth control:

    There are 5-7 days each month during which women are gifted with: increased confidence, a better complexion, a peak in the feel-good-hormone, estrogen, a more intense sex drive, the ideal texture of vaginal lubrication and an overall more pleasant demeanor. This is the pre-ovulatory stage of a woman's hormonal cycle and should occur monthly. 
    For more in depth information about the magic of a woman's cycle, I highly recommend The Venus Week by Dr. Rebecca Booth. 
    Dr. Booth refers to this time for a woman as the Venus Week, others refer to it as "the fertile window," and, for the purpose of this blog I'll refer to it as, the woman's ability to become a priestess of sexual bliss

    I can personally attest to this because, I spent years on 'the pill,' (hormonal birth control). And while I did have an active and fulfilling sex life while on the pill, it didn't compare to the the intensity of pleasure I've experienced by avoiding the interruption of my body's natural hormonal cycle. 
    Being on hormonal birth control causes your Venus Week/ Priestess of Sexual Bliss week to go mute. Birth control suppresses ovulation... and the magical week leading up to it... every single month.
    If you are on hormonal birth control you cannot be fully in touch with the magic of your cycle.
    Don't get me wrong, the pill is a great thing for young women, not yet married or ready to have children. And it's probably even a good thing it curbs some of that intense sexual desire for young women but... once you're done having kids and with a steady partner, I highly recommend vasectomy as your method of birth control.

    There's also something very special about a man willing to undergo this procedure to do what's best for his woman and overall partnership. Vasectomies, when appropriate, symbolize a more respectful, equal and fair partnership. 

    And, if you need any more convincing, most insurance companies gladly cover the procedure. So, on now, snip, snip! 

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