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Why Vasectomy is the Best Birth Control Option When You're Done Having Kids

When our son was a little over a year old my husband and I opted for him to have a vasectomy. 
    Until our son began eating solids (a.k.a. baby mush) at 5 months, he had only breast milk.  Breastfeeding is birth control by design; this is another great benefit of exclusively breastfeeding your baby. There's an informative link on this topic at the bottom of this post.
    So, for about a year husband and I didn't worry much about formal birth control since  1.) we weren't having a lot of sex anyway since the first year of parenting is extremely exhausting and 2.) there was a tiny part of us that wouldn't have minded if I were to get pregnant again anyhow
    However, when the hormones started kicking back into full gear and our sex life started heating back up, the pull out method was making me a nervous wreck! 

So, I did 2 things I do very well: worried and researched. The worrying would typically only hit me right after sex but it could last a few days. Worrying about ge…

Back In the Court System, A Personal Account

You know how it's different when people tell you, "Everything will be OK," when they truly don't know everything will be OK?
    When a child needs stitches, mom says, "It will be OK. You will be OK," and it's sincere. It's scary but she knows her kid will be OK.      Or even when someone loses a job, people say, "It will be OK. It will all work out." They believe, and typically are correct in saying those words. 
    However, when a mom tells her adult child, diagnosed with a terminal disease that, "It will be OK. We will get through this," there's uncertainty sensed. It's unavoidable. Mom hopes it will be OK but doesn't know that. 
Over the past 48 hours I've heard the, "It will be OK," from those closest to me in the uncertain way. They want to mean it. They want to believe it but they don't know it will be OK, in the short term. 
    I'm humbled and grateful I haven't been diagnosed with any f…

How to Use Nasal Spray the Right Way, Allergy Relief

Nasal Spray Really Works... If you know how to use it.  
    And no one is paying me to say or write that!     Most of us think we know how to use nasal spray.     I mean, how hard can it be to stick something in your nose and spray right? -At least that's what I always thought.
    It never even occurred to me to read the directions on or inside the box. And up until about a year ago I was an occasional, and poorly informed, nasal spray user.
    Then, something changed. I went to the Little Clinic (in a Kroger grocery store) for what I thought was a cold or sinus infection. The nurse practitioner was awesome. She told me I didn't have a cold or sinus infection but was rather suffering with severe allergies.  And she didn't stop there...
    She asked what I was using for my seasonal allergies and how I was using it. And she proceeded to school me on proper nasal spray usage.

Here's What I Learned

First off, most people just stick nasal spray in the nose and spray, up, and, th…