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How to Exude GENUINE Confidence

Confidence- a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. Definition from Google's dictionary

    Being around confident people is intriguing. It makes you feel like, "What do they know that I don't know?"      Genuinely confident people are like magnets, drawing others to them.      -"If you can make yourself believe it, you can make anyone believe it..." for better or for worse!
    Confidence is inborn, to a degree (ever noticed how perfect a baby's posture is when she learns to sit up... brimming with confidence those babies!). It's also a byproduct of several other life aspects.      That's what we'll focus on in this blog post: the aspects of life that can positively impact our confidence.
    I believe this last presidential election was won in great part due to the President's extreme confidence in himself and his own abilities. In my opinion the President was way overconfident…

Your Earth Day Resolution: Decrease Plastic Usage and Output in 4 Simple Steps

At the Store, do the 'Plastic Two-Step' The bad news: Single use plastic is everywhere and hard to resist.
     The good news: Learning the 'plastic two-step' is even easier than learning the two-step dance!
     In the grocery you have choices with almost every item you buy: milk in a paper carton or plastic jug, eggs in a paper or plastic container, tampons with or without (OB brand) a plastic applicator, yogurt in a 32 oz. or a multi-pack option.
    So, whatever you're buying, do a quick two-step: The plastic-packaged or alternatively-packaged item... when possible, choose the alternatively-packaged item. Paper packaging is biodegradable.  Plastic isn't. 
   For a comprehensive explanation as to why plastic doesn't biodegrade, refer to this link:

Hints: Organic products are typically made by more environmentally-friendly companies, hence, their packaging is typically the better …