You are Doing Your Best and That's Good Enough

    Recently I changed the name of my blog to Be Your Best You!
    I purchased a new domain and am working to spruce things up online.
    This is out of my comfort zone since I'm not a tech-savvy person.
    I am, however, a long-time-practitioner of creative visualization, meditation and energy healing.
    At 38 years old I'm grateful to have: my health, a loving, healthy husband and son, my education and a little dog walking business (I could go on but I won't!).
    I feel fortunate and proud to primarily be a stay at home mom with my nearly-4-year-old-son, although I know that's not for everyone!
    There's no 'one size fits all' in life.
    Along the way I've learned a lot through trial and error and feel enlightened much of the time.
    Hopefully some of what I've learned, and practice on a daily basis, can help you to Be Your Best You!
     For days I've worried off and on about trying to make this blog more professional and accessible.
    The domain I wanted to purchase ( cost $2400, which was way out of my price range (disappointing!).
    Then, through meditation and positive subconscious training, I broke through that worry.
    Today I woke up knowing, I'm Doing the Best I Can and That's Good Enough.
    So, that's a good place for me to stop and you to start- with an affirmation-
                     You are Doing the Best You Can and That's Good Enough!
If you could do better, you would!
    We're all growing and learning. It's a journey. It's a Process. Enjoy It and Be Nice to Yourself.