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What to Do If You Find a White Dove

  How It Happened 
    When the white dove first appeared in our yard. I was dancing around the living room to "Big Girls Don't Cry!"
    It took several hand gestures to get my husband and son to notice the bird- and they were in the front yard (playing).

   Elvis had played too and all of us danced for that one! My (recently departed) grandmother, Claudia, loved 60's music and Elvis was her favorite.  I remember listening to a cassette of "Greatest 60's Hits" in her car as a child. The cassette tape had "Big Girls Don't Cry" on it.
So... we were all thinking of 'Mingya,' (as I called her) as these 60's classics played!
   And that's when I caught a glimpse of the white dove.
    It was there, out of nowhere.
    It was on a Saturday.
I threw it seed.

    It didn't stray far from our home and seemed unable to find food on its own.

    Upon chatting with my bird-savvy aunt Gail I discovered this white dove was:

1.) most likely dom…

You are Doing Your Best and That's Good Enough

Recently I changed the name of my blog to Be Your Best You!
    I purchased a new domain and am working to spruce things up online.
    This is out of my comfort zone since I'm not a tech-savvy person.
    I am, however, a long-time-practitioner of creative visualization, meditation and energy healing.

    At 38 years old I'm grateful to have: my health, a loving, healthy husband and son, my education and a little dog walking business (I could go on but I won't!).

    I feel fortunate and proud to primarily be a stay at home mom with my nearly-4-year-old-son, although I know that's not for everyone!
    There's no 'one size fits all' in life.
    Along the way I've learned a lot through trial and error and feel enlightened much of the time.
    Hopefully some of what I've learned, and practice on a daily basis, can help you to Be Your Best You!

     For days I've worried off and on about trying to make this blog more professional and accessible.
    The d…