Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Maria Poem

Will man finally listen?
Will man finally learn?
That there are bridges than cannot be burned.

Will man's survival need overcome his glutton and greed?
Will man finally see how the value of just one seed represents how we all succeed?
Will man finally let it sink in, as it sinks into his roof, that we're all one, all connected, under this brilliant sun?

Will man finally accept the predictions were right, from Jesus Christ to scientists, climatologists... will man finally see the light?

Surely he will.

For the storm always passes.
But when it does will man finally do something to control his masses?
To assure we nurture rather than destroy,
and that politicians are earnest, not coy,
To assure we respect our universal mother, even when we can't get along, sister and brother.

Right now mama tierra seems rather angry and sad,
Overwhelmed, like she's feeling bad.

Pumping tons of chemicals into earth's core,
Man, that's not what we're here for.
Burning fossil fuels to thin earth's protective layer,
That sounds worse than tripping on acid while listening to Slayer.

Building beyond where it's safe to build,
That, as we have seen in recent days, will get you killed.
It's time this madness stops- here and now-
It's not a question of when or who or how-
It's for all of to do our part, hold each other accountable, and relate heart to heart.
We have one mother, and she's not to be taken for granted,
While she is incredibly strong, she's not magically protected or enchanted.