RESPECT Your Woman- especially if she's your wife and the mother of your child

    How is it that a woman gets more respect and adoration from her partner when she's merely courted by him than when she's his wife, which entails: caring for his child 70+ hours a week, preparing his meals nightly, washing his dirty laundry, cleaning his house and listening to him snore?
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    One would think a woman would earn at least 5 times the respect and adoration she experienced as a man's 'girlfriend' once she's his wife, and the mother of his child.
    Yet all too often it seems to reverse- respect and adoration dwindle as the woman's role becomes more and more demanding.

Footnote: As is often the case in relationships, 24 hours can make a huge difference! Thankfully my spouse and I are getting along much better today than yesterday (which is when I wrote this post).