A Young Woman's Trip to the Psychic

    Once there was a young woman that went to a psychic, hoping to communicate with her recently departed grandmother.

    She sat down a couple of feet in front of the psychic, no table was between them.

    As the psychic held a large crystal rock in her hands, she closed her eyes, and asked for guidance from the spirits to assist with the reading.

    "I'm getting a very clear vision of you, recently... maybe 45 minutes ago... sitting on the toilet, taking a shit," said the psychic, her eyes still closed, holding the crystal.

    Now the young woman knew she was very good at cleaning her ass, and even used baby wipes post-regular-wiping to assure her behind was clean.

    And the young woman religiously washed her hands post potty-time to the tune of 'happy birthday' in her mind to assure she was washing a sufficient amount of time.
    So, she knew the psychic's vision was real. The psychic had no way of knowing, other than an authentic vision, the young woman had just recently taken a shit.

    The psychic went on to get many other things wrong about the woman's life but she did say, "Your grandmother says you can hear her." -And that part was true.

The End.

Isn't it funny I can walk in a straight line with my eyes closed pretty well.
However I cannot swim in a straight line with my eyes closed to save my life!
Once I swam right into a group of people in the ocean!