The Best Thing My Grandmother Ever Told Me

I'm close to both of my grandmothers. That's one benefit of being born to young parents, you get to know your grandparents very well.
Now one of my grandmothers is very sick.
Today I thought of the great times we've shared and some of the things she has told me over the years.
This is the best thing she ever told me. It's in regards to how she maintained a loving marriage for 60 years:

"You get to a point where you've been with each other for so long and you've gone through so much together, that you can't imagine the other person not being there. You just live through so much together... if you stay together long enough."

My grandmother, grandfather, cousin, aunt, father and step-mother

    If that sounds disappointingly unromantic, recall:
 Love that stands the test of time does lose romance. 

Romance is defined by Google Dictionary as: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

So, honestly, how much "excitement" and "mystery" are present after a decade or more in the same relationship? 

 Sure, there are moments with great excitement and mystery, but it's not like those first several months you spend with your partner... when everyday provides excitement and mystery.

Is this depressing? I used to think so, but after 7 years in the same, fulfilling relationship, not anymore. 

It's not depressing now since I've discovered the depth a long-term relationship can have:

-You get to truly know (and hopefully love) each other's families. 

-You find out that, even after acting like a total ass at times, your significant other will still love you, and not abandon you.

-You learn what it's like to be completely 'comfortable' with the same person you're in love with.

-You feel safe and secure.

-Your self esteem increases since, in a way, you're beating the odds by making a long-term relationship last. 

-You can have safe, enjoyable sex on a regular basis.

So, my grandmother's words were practical, simple and did resonate with me. 

Hopefully they're helpful to you too and if you're in a good relationship, maybe they can even help you hang on to your love, as Sade sang.