My tweeted informal letter to PNC on its new fees

I noticed a $7 fee on my PNC online banking account depicted as a 'service charge.'
Upon calling PNC I discovered the institution has initiated a system in which it charges checking account holders with less-than-$500-balances 'regular, monthly fees.'

"So your institution is essentially taking from those that have the least to give right?" I told the rep.
 I assured her I knew this was in no way 'her fault' and took to twitter... and, quickly, to this blog to express my disgust and frustration.

Copy of tweet I messaged PNC:

I am DISGUSTED with your institution right now. A $7 fee because my checking account doesn't maintain a $500 minimum balance? So you're taking from the people that have the least to give? Yeah, I get it. You should be ashamed of yourselves. -Greedy, disgusting immoral banking pigs.

As a mother and part time dog walker,I don't make a lot of money. However I still manage to donate to a few reputable wildlife and environmental groups every couple of months. The amount I typically donate is the amount you're taking in fees. That means your 'fees' could affect my ability to do good in the world. Shame on You!

Footnote: Coincidentally I received an email about Aspiration Summit Bank within 2 days of writing this post. Aspiration participates in 1% for the Planet and has values which are aligned with mine. Soon I'll be switching from PNC to Aspiration.