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My tweeted informal letter to PNC on its new fees

I noticed a $7 fee on my PNC online banking account depicted as a 'service charge.' Upon calling PNC I discovered the institution has initiated a system in which it charges checking account holders with less-than-$500-balances 'regular, monthly fees.'

"So your institution is essentially taking from those that have the least to give right?" I told the rep.  I assured her I knew this was in no way 'her fault' and took to twitter... and, quickly, to this blog to express my disgust and frustration.

Copy of tweet I messaged PNC:

I am DISGUSTED with your institution right now. A $7 fee because my checking account doesn't maintain a $500 minimum balance? So you're taking from the people that have the least to give? Yeah, I get it. You should be ashamed of yourselves. -Greedy, disgusting immoral banking pigs.

As a mother and part time dog walker,I don't make a lot of money. However I still manage to donate to a few reputable wildlife and environmental g…

Easing Tension Between Your Boss and You; How to Deal with Difficult Supervisors

One of my little sisters recently moved to Nashville, TN., and, she's not happy with her managers or co-workers at her job there.
    "They're rude. They don't even try to be friendly," she texted one afternoon. 

Dealing with not-so-easy-to-deal-with-bosses can be a struggle for anyone...  but I can only imagine emotions are multiplied when you're new to a city, know no one, and are only 21 years old... as is the case with my sister.     "I've dealt with boss issues too Maria. I discovered some techniques that helped me; I'll share soon!" I texted back.
    So, here you go Maria, and anyone that's plagued with a burdensome boss.

    I admire my husband so much. He's not someone that wants to 'run the show.' He doesn't feel a need to supervise. This is part of what makes him an exceptional worker- he has never had conflict with anyone on the management team at his company.
    He even worked for one manger for a while that ha…

My (polite, respectful) Letter to Mayor Fischer, regarding Louisville's Loss of Tree Canopy

Hello Mayor Fischer,

    I commend you on your efforts to maintain and increase Louisville's diminishing tree canopy.

    Over the past two weeks I've witnessed 3 old growth trees being cut down, two in my mother's neighborhood of Schnitzelburg and one on my own street, Sherry Rd, not far from U of L.

We need trees to live, literally.
    I need not inform you of their monetary, health, and aesthetic value, for you are well-informed on these issues, in great part thanks to the commissions you've tasked with surveying the value of our city's tree canopy over the past few years.
Disturbing information from the tree company workers on my street:
"To be in compliance with the city's wheel-chair-access-on-sidewalks laws." was the reason this huge, beautiful tree on my street was cut down.
    A tree that took more than 100 years to grow to its impressive, abounding size was destroyed in a single day- due to a bump in the sidewalk.
That's not O.K.
That's poo…

The Best Thing My Grandmother Ever Told Me

I'm close to both of my grandmothers. That's one benefit of being born to young parents, you get to know your grandparents very well. Now one of my grandmothers is very sick. Today I thought of the great times we've shared and some of the things she has told me over the years. This is the best thing she ever told me. It's in regards to how she maintained a loving marriage for 60 years:
"You get to a point where you've been with each other for so long and you've gone through so much together, that you can't imagine the other person not being there. You just live through so much together... if you stay together long enough."

    If that sounds disappointingly unromantic, recall:  Love that stands the test of time does lose romance.
Romance is defined by Google Dictionary as: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.
So, honestly, how much "excitement" and "mystery" are present after a decade or more in the same relationsh…