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How Motherhood can become an Entrepreneur's Best Friend

When we moved to my hometown of Louisville, Ky. from Miami Beach, Fl

    Everything was slightly blurred. And it wasn't because we went from from living in a tropical, warm, colorful oasis to a place that was dreary, overcast and still in the dead of winter even though we got her in March (2014). 

It was new life that had our lives in a confusing, love-filled haze- 
we were new parents.

    Our son was 6 weeks old when we moved here... for the undeniable benefits of family support and more stable job opportunities for my husband.
  "Jess, you know your aunt Lisa has an old RAV sitting in their driveway and she said she'd like to give it to you," my Dad mentioned one afternoon shortly after we had moved to Louisville.
    "Why?" I asked, "I don't expect anyone to give me a car Dad. Besides, I have my own car. I don't think I'd even feel comfortable accepting that."

    At the time I owned what had been my dream car through my late teens-early…