We Are Here to Be Happy, Uplifting Affirmation

The God I believe in-
Universal Intelligence and Infinite Love-
doesn't desire suffering for any living thing.
The God I believe in wants you, me and everyone to be happy and joyful.

It's our right and duty to live happily, gleefully, full of love and joy.
Life is for the living... breathing, smelling, tasting, seeing, feeling... beautiful, wonderful things.

We must surround ourselves with joy.
We must emulate joy in all we do.
We're here to be happy.

It's our God-given right to be joyful and happy.
Life is about laughing, fun and being downright bubbly with pure happiness.
Why would the Universe/God wish anything else for us?
God is Love.
If you can accept and believe this then you shall know that love emulates love and, love feels good.
God is Love.
God is in every living thing.
I am a living thing so God is in me.
Therefore I am Love.

I am more in tune with the Universe's infinite Love that lives within me, and within every living being, every single day of my life.

I am worthy of God's Love and Greatness.
I am a vehicle for God's Love and Greatness.
I transmit and emulate Love.
I am only an instrument God/the Universe plays to harmonize with the greater Universal Purpose and Joy.

I am Love.
I am Pure.
I am full of joy.

At this moment everything is O.K.
At this moment I can begin anew.
Every moment is fresh and new and I can always tap into a higher level of existence, one of spiritual joy and fulfillment.

Author's Note: Of course we're here to work and try to make the world better too but this blog is an AFFIRMATION of joy and its purpose is to focus only on light energy. Period.