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My Response to the Friends of Coal License Plates

Here in Kentucky it's common to see cars with specialized "Friends of Coal" license plates. Today alone I saw a half a dozen while driving around. Here's my message for "Friends of Coal" people:

If you're such a great friend to coal then go work in a coal mine until you get black lung and die. Or better yet, stay down in the mine long enough for that shit to just cave in on you.
Wait, the best idea really, you love coal so much, then just have a damn cookout and call it day!

Clean energy is a reality; it's more attainable now than ever. It's sweeping across this country as an energized movement and being embraced by many. There are better ways than raping our Earth to her core to harvest energy. There are better ways than letting coal miners get sick after years of work in the mines. There are better ways than shaking the ground, the foundation below our feet. There are better ways than contaminating the water, land and air. There are better ways than stri…

We Are Here to Be Happy, Uplifting Affirmation

The God I believe in-
Universal Intelligence and Infinite Love-
doesn't desire suffering for any living thing.
The God I believe in wants you, me and everyone to be happy and joyful.

It's our right and duty to live happily, gleefully, full of love and joy.
Life is for the living... breathing, smelling, tasting, seeing, feeling... beautiful, wonderful things.

We must surround ourselves with joy.
We must emulate joy in all we do.
We're here to be happy.

It's our God-given right to be joyful and happy.
Life is about laughing, fun and being downright bubbly with pure happiness.
Why would the Universe/God wish anything else for us?
God is Love.
If you can accept and believe this then you shall know that love emulates love and, love feels good.
God is Love.
God is in every living thing.
I am a living thing so God is in me.
Therefore I am Love.

I am more in tune with the Universe's infinite Love that lives within me, and within every living being, every single day of my life.

I am worthy of…

Una Cancioncita Alegre que Enseñe a mi Hijo

Para que estamos aquí
Para ser felices
En este mismo momento!

My Neighbor Across the Street

The neighbor across the street from me is big.
    For the first couple of years we lived in our house we'd only see him about once a week, when he'd put the garbage out, which was always overflowing or, when he'd get the mail. 
    His size was hard to ignore; religiously shirtless, his belly hanging inches out and over his shorts, and always barefoot, no matter the temperature.
   We thought poorly of these neighbors, with visions of them living on welfare, LG &E paid for by the city, heat cranked up to 80 degrees during the winter months. And we shouldn't be (entirely) blamed for making those assumptions since big boy was always half naked, even in the dead of winter. He nor his house-mate, who happened to be his mother, worked or owned a car. Food was delivered to the home weekly. Sometimes we would speculate whether or not these were some kind of feed-the-hungry volunteers or family members delivering groceries to this duo.

Neighborly Interaction
    We knocked on…