Valentine's Day: Everyone has a Secret Admirer

Updated 01-12-18

    A secret admirer- doesn't that sound romantic and mysterious?
    It certainly can be.
    However I'm focusing on the practicality of secret admirers this Valentine's Day.

    I believe everyone has several secret admirers, not necessarily in the romantic way, but rather in the life-substance way.

    Admirer is defined as: a person who has a particular regard for someone or something (google dictionary)

   Secret is defined as: not known or seen or meant to be known or seen by others (google dictionary)

    There isn't one single person that comes to mind whom doesn't have some trait I admire.
    Even people with whom I have nothing in common, still have traits I admire.
    Now I may not even like some people that have traits I admire.
    And I may have to force myself to focus on the admirable traits, oppose to the less-admirable ones at times but, there's still goodness or something admirable in just about everyone.

This Valentine's Day I want you to know- people admire you, a lot of people admire something, or maybe even everything, about you. 

They admire you for speaking out for what you believe in or
for being humble and educated or
They admire you for being generous with your words, time and/or money or
for being confident, bold and strong or
They admire you for showing you're human, that you too are vulnerable at times or
They admire you for being brave enough to show and share who you are to the world or
They admire you for suiting up and showing up every single day or
for managing to smile, or laugh, even at times you don't feel like it or
They admire you for being empathetic or
for being calm, cool and collected or
They admire your sensitive side or
They admire you are a servant to the sick, a beacon of light for their souls or
They admire your grit and innocence or
They admire your youth and all that comes with it or
your freedom, your wild, adventurous spirit or
They admire you for being a single mom, working full time, raising a kid on your own or
your tenacity or
your sobriety or    

your kindness 
They admire your sheer intelligence or
That you've put your life on hold to care for someone else
They admire your independence and your large circle of friends or
your courageous spirit when dealing with terminal illness or
They admire you for making a marriage work or
They admire that you always remember others
They admire your love of the arts...

How do I know so many people admire you for your special, unique traits? 

Because I'm one of them. I admire you.
Everything I just wrote was written for different people I know.
And I could go on, and on, and on for every single person I know, and even for people I don't know!
Curious about for whom these particular sentences are written?
I can't tell you, because then it wouldn't be a secret and you wouldn't have a secret admirer this Valentine's Day.

Love, Light and Peace this Valentine's Day and Always