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Valentine's Day: Everyone has a Secret Admirer

Updated 01-12-18
    A secret admirer- doesn't that sound romantic and mysterious?
    It certainly can be.
    However I'm focusing on the practicality of secret admirers this Valentine's Day.

    I believe everyone has several secret admirers, not necessarily in the romantic way, but rather in the life-substance way.

    Admirer is defined as: a person who has a particular regard for someone or something (google dictionary)

   Secret is defined as: not known or seen or meant to be known or seen by others (google dictionary)

    There isn't one single person that comes to mind whom doesn't have some trait I admire.
    Even people with whom I have nothing in common, still have traits I admire.
    Now I may not even like some people that have traits I admire.
    And I may have to force myself to focus on the admirable traits, oppose to the less-admirable ones at times but, there's still goodness or something admirable in just about everyone.

This Valentine's Day I w…