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Weaning a Toddler from Nursing, Our Experience

My son turned 3 a few day ago and, for months we've told him he wouldn't nurse after his 3rd birthday.

    His 3rd birthday was on Thursday. On Friday he nursed upon awakening at dawn... call it habit, call it failure, call it being half awake and in a vulnerable state! At nap time I let him nurse again. Nap time has been our last cherished nursing time for some time; I successfully weaned him off nighttime nursing a few months back.

Weaning him off nighttime nursing was hard.
    It involved listening to the person I love most cry, beg, scream and whine. Every mother is different but I believe no mother likes hearing her child cry. Hearing my baby cry makes me feel helpless, guilty, sad and anxious. But it may be part of weaning!

    Author's Note: I got some great feedback from La Leche Legue members on this blog post. One woman stated her kids weaned without crying or much difficulty at all. So, every kid is different! Hopefully your weaning experience will go smoother than…