Affirmation for Attracting Quality Friends, Meditation for Attracting Friends

I suggest you read through this, in 1st person, then close your eyes and visualize it.

Prior to beginning the visualization, sit or lay in  a relaxed position, breathe normally and  allow your eyes to gently close and remain closed- do not squeeze them shut... gentle... be gentle with yourself...

Relax and Release All Muscles in Your Face and Body

I see myself walking alone, dressed in loose fitting garments of white, on a beach.

It's dusk, there's a beautiful sunset and I am at peace.
My mind is free, nothing is on my mind- I'm simply enjoying the moment of beauty that surrounds me.
The fresh air, energy of the sea, colorful sky; I feel the energy of the earth vibrate throughout my body.

The energy of the earth comes up through the sand, through my feet and energizes and heals my body.

The positive energy of the Universe is attracted to me like a magnet. I am attracted to it like a magnet.

I am part of the Universe. 
I am part of this Eternal and Limitless Love.

I am so small in the big scheme of things. 
There are no real problems, only energy, love and flowing dimensions of light and magnetism.

Any barriers I felt before have been broken down.

Walls have fallen before me.

I've knocked over blocks I had built up.
Projects I've worked on and am still working on sit, stacked neatly, waiting for me to return to them.

I walk away from these projects, these 'stacked up blocks,' easily and effortlessly.

As I walk along, carefree, happy and content I see someone walking by me, she smiles at me, then walks towards me. 

She's wearing white too and radiates confidence, love and ease. She gives me a hug and walks on.

Then another person does the same, and another... I am greeted by many wonderful people along my journey. 

They all look to me with love and admiration. They respect me as I do them.

Then we all stop and hang out. 
There's music, food, drinks and dolphins jumping out in the ocean.
I'm at a party on the beach at dusk.
It's beautiful.
I am loved and surrounded by love.

Only love and positive energy is permitted in my life.
I invite quality friends and people into my life.
I trust the Universe.
I go with the flow, at the Universal River's pace.
Today is good.
Today is fine.
I am good.
I am fine.
Love is finding me.
I am open to friendships and the company of others.