KHS Follow Up, Apology Letter

November 14, 2016

Dear Ms. Kane-Redmon,

The last letter I sent you has perturbed me. I regret writing and sending you a letter with a harsh undertone. You, nor anyone at KHS, deserves that.

You dedicate your career and life to working in Animal Welfare day after day. That demands recognition and respect.

Sometimes, I, like many people, get ahead of myself and don't take time to reflect prior to saying or writing something. My intentions are always good but the execution of my message is certainly not a perfected formula.

My apologies, not for the sentiment expressed in my initial letter, but rather for potentially coming accross as harsh or judgmental.

-We're all works in progress in this thing called life.

I revere the Kentucky Humane Society and the work it does in this community. -With any progress comes growing pains.


Jessica Pita