A Brief Profile of the Sanders Supporters that Voted Trump

2 Poems Written right after the election results, 2016
Sick to my soul,
Wondering how so many could have voted for this arrogant asshole.

Lady Liberty cries today,
Her tears flow freely to the sea,
A place without lines, borders, or divides,
Unlike the country you've made for me.

A Brief Profile of the Sanders Supporters that Voted Trump

   Young (between the ages of 18-28), educated and highly skeptical of mainstream media is this group.
    Lured by the idealistic and progressive utopia Sanders envisioned for our country and world, these people passionately felt 'the Bern.'
    They are all about fairness, equality, the right to choose and supporting social programs to benefit a host of worthy causes.
    However once Bernie was out of the race, something strange happened. These people slowly but surely became 'Trump that Bitch' allies.
    This happened in part due to their extreme distrust of mainstream media and, most media was biased for Clinton. Their education level is another factor, believe it or not- these people thought, "I'm too smart and savvy to be duped by a career politician like Hillary Clinton." 
    This group of Sanders-turned-Trump supporters felt they knew something the rest of us didn't.
    And lastly, in true form with one of human nature's most prominent, and disturbing, characteristics- these young, educated, mostly well-to-do-people at the end of the day opted to vote for whom they thought would most benefit their own pocketbooks over the next four years. And they thought that to be Trump... be it for the republican agenda to deregulate, practice 'small government,' lower taxes, etc.
    In summary, this particular group of people of which I write is all about peace, love, supporting the earth, social causes and all that good stuff. But, if they can't have 'all that good stuff' (or think they can't have all that good stuff), well then, the hell with it, they think, "We might as well just go with trying to line our own pockets for the next four years... even if it does cost us: The National Endowment for the Arts, Clean Air, Water, Land and Quality Healthcare for All.

Note: This is an opinion piece based only on observation of and association with some people that went from supporting Sanders to voting for Trump.