Affirmations, MEDITATIONS for the Week, Release and LET GO

These are meant to do, visualize and practice  daily, ideally one per day.

Go Easy on Yourself

I am not my thoughts.
Worries, preoccupations leave my mind.
I see negative thoughts leaving my mind, floating off into the distance like a soft, evaporating haze.
I see the worries disappear into thin air. 
I release that which no longer serves me.
I breathe in love and breathe out peace to the world.
I am not my thoughts.
Only goodness is permitted in my thinking space.
I appreciate experiences and moments.
I am present.

Trust the Universe, God, Life...

I allow life to carry me, as the leaf allows the river to carry it.
The leaf is so light, it flows with the river. 
The leaf may stick to a rock here and there and that's fine.
As the river flows, life flows.
As the leaf is carried along gently, easily and effortlessly by the river, so too am I carried along gently, easily and effortlessly by Life. 
I am in sync with Life. 

Embrace the Journey

I am part of the grand plan, the design of life.
As the flower has its place to grow, so do I.
We are here to live, learn, love and grow.
Life is a journey.
None of us are perfect but through openness to the eternal grace of the Universe/God we can grow closer to perfection and perfect bliss with each passing moment.
Joy is yours.
Joy is mine.
We all are worthy of joy.
The more joy we feel, the more we can share, hence making the world a better place.
Love lives within me.
I'm doing the best I can and every day I grow, learn and do better, easily at a pace that's comfortable for me.