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Affirmations, MEDITATIONS for the Week, Release and LET GO

These are meant to do, visualize and practice  daily, ideally one per day.

Go Easy on Yourself

I am not my thoughts.
Worries, preoccupations leave my mind.
I see negative thoughts leaving my mind, floating off into the distance like a soft, evaporating haze.
I see the worries disappear into thin air. 
I release that which no longer serves me.
I breathe in love and breathe out peace to the world.
I am not my thoughts.
Only goodness is permitted in my thinking space.
I appreciate experiences and moments.
I am present.

Trust the Universe, God, Life...

I allow life to carry me, as the leaf allows the river to carry it. The leaf is so light, it flows with the river.  The leaf may stick to a rock here and there and that's fine. As the river flows, life flows. As the leaf is carried along gently, easily and effortlessly by the river, so too am I carried along gently, easily and effortlessly by Life.  I am in sync with Life. 

Embrace the Journey

I am part of the grand plan, the design of life. As the flower h…

Copy of Letter to Director of Kentucky Humane Society

August 31, 2016
Dear Ms. Kane-Redmon,
    I'm writing to you as a former KHS volunteer and a former employee of Miami Dade Animal Services and Louisville Metro Animal Services. Currently I'm a full time mother, part time dog walker, e-commerce entrepreneur and still volunteer at LMAS' Animal House.
    The Kentucky Humane Society is seen as a model shelter; an innovative adoption facility hosting a variety of animal-welfare and adoption events, holding behavior classes for new pet owners, running an impressive pet-help-line for pet parents, starting and running the S.N.I.P. Clinic, offering kid's camp to educate young ones on sheltering and how to be a responsible pet parent.
    For all of these reasons, I was surprised to see the changes that began occurring at your main campus several months ago. It started out with an email from then-volunteer-coordinator, Whitney Hobbs, politely informing volunteers we were no longer to walk or visit with the dogs “on the other side…