To Be a Woman is a Walking Paradox

A woman's feelings
Who can understand
A woman's feelings
Certainly not a man
A woman is strong
yet fragile
yet hard
yet vulnerable
yet resilient
yet hell bent... on anything, everything, she finds important
at the moment, at the break of day, at the end of day, when feelings can no longer be kept at bay

A walking paradox
One that can knock his socks off
Just like she can, and that girl over there can too
And that's why a woman feels insecure and at times doesn't know what to do
Grace and magic gifted unto us from a source, the Universe
But we're all gifted, all magic, it's our blessing, it's our curse
what could be worse
to bear such a strength, such power
yet fall weak, even cower, at the strength of another, one of our own, one of our kind
one of mystery, of fantasy, one whose beauty is such to make you feel blind
Blind to your own, your own beauty, your own source, your own sorceress
Your own state of bliss
Don't be blinded by the light that shines upon you
For it also shines within you

You are a woman
You are crazy
but also magical and powerful and strong
And don't be ashamed... for it is a powerful kind to which you belong

Written for a conversation I had w a friend today 

Ending thoughts: Don't feel badly if you feel you're crazy sometimes, especially if you have kids, it's normal... I guess, I sure hope my partner thinks it is! 

J Pita