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The Day a Honeybee Thanked Me

Updated 12-18-17
    The windows in our carpeted sun-room are modern.
    They're 5 in total, bipartite and each is approximately 3' x 4', hence making me feel entitled to refer to this as a sun-room.
    Plants thrive in this room, even in the dead of a cold, gloomy winter.
    Toys can be strewn across this room while the rest of the house remains (seemingly) intact.
    It's a great room.

    Now the windows are open.
    An old, plug-in fan is humming; my child, napping.
    When flying insects occasionally and inevitably enter the house, through the backdoor, which is in the sun-room, they prefer to buzz around the sun-room's spacious windows. 
    They want out. 
    It's in their nature.

    About a week ago a honeybee accidentally made its way into our home.
    Now you may be thinking, "A honeybee, that's not so special."
    And if you are thinking that, you are thinking perhaps like the majority of the population.
    And, if this is the case, you an…