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Daily Affirmation- Everything is a Process, Something doesn't come from Nothing

Everything is a process;
You don't see a flower where once there was nothing.
First there was a sprout, then a leaf, then perhaps a bulb, then a flower.

The flower may seem to have appeared from nothing, only because you didn't witness the process.
We are accustomed to seeing things seemingly come from nothing-
We order food at a restaurant, it's set before us, pretty, ready to eat.
We buy clothes per our size, manufactured ready to wear... we only have to cut off the tags to use them.
We use soap and shampoo that merely needs squeezed from a bottle, or rubbed to function.

We are used to seeing things seemingly come from nothing.
So when we, as human beings in this society, are expected to wait, be patient, observe, have faith, to reap without immediately sowing- we often become frustrated, perplexed, and sometimes give up.
It is then we must remind ourselves that everything is a process.
Where there is something, there was at the very least an energy to create that something.