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Daily Affirmation on Attracting FORTUNE and GOODNESS

Feeling happy, safe and secure is my birthright; as it is for all.  I am worthy of success. I am worthy of love.  The more I receive, the more I'm able to give. I welcome happiness, confidence, love and fortune into my life... into my aura. I am comfortable with success and goodness. 

Three POWERFUL Affirmations and Meditations

On Letting Love Flow

Love flows through me effortlessly. I am a channel through which love can easily flow. I am an instrument which love can easily play. It is for me to keep the instrument in tune and ready to be played, It is for me to keep the channel free of clutter and open for love to navigate and flow freely. For when I have faith in love, I have faith in life. And for when I have faith in life, I have nothing to fear. 

On Quieting the Mind
It's not for me to judge. Let me be humble. Let me anticipate with great joy all that is good to come in these next minutes and days. I consciously live in a state of being; this helps me quiet the chatter of the mind.

On Existing on a Spiritual Plane

In a realm beyond space and time exists my soul. I close my eyes to imagine my skin, then bones, dissipate into nothingness. And what remains is an energy field... my soul, my spirit. I am more than my body and mind and I do exist on a higher level. I am more than my material surroundings and belongings. The…