What A Married Woman With Kids Wants for Valentine's Day

Not a single rose cut in my name
Nor a single chocolate to give temporary sweetness to my mouth
Nothing that costs money
Not even a loving word is what I need

What I really want, really need, is you
Your time
Your touch
I need you to know I still love you so much

Our lives are more hectic now
Many days there's no time for a kiss
A tender embrace
Or the love we would once regularly make

While all of this does make it a little harder
It doesn't mean my love doesn't continue to grow stronger

I desire you
I admire you
And I love knowing you feel that for me too

So this Valentine's Day give me what I really want
What I really need- that's YOU.

Author's note: 

Before kids, chocolates and flowers are luxuries, special treats; After kids a couple hours of alone time is a luxury and special treat!

Thanks to my mother who will watch our 2 year old this afternoon, post nap time, so we can celebrate Valentine's with one thing, and one thing only... Our Love.