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What A Married Woman With Kids Wants for Valentine's Day

Not a single rose cut in my name
Nor a single chocolate to give temporary sweetness to my mouth
Nothing that costs money
Not even a loving word is what I need

What I really want, really need, is you
Your time
Your touch
I need you to know I still love you so much

Our lives are more hectic now
Many days there's no time for a kiss
A tender embrace
Or the love we would once regularly make

While all of this does make it a little harder
It doesn't mean my love doesn't continue to grow stronger

I desire you
I admire you
And I love knowing you feel that for me too

So this Valentine's Day give me what I really want
What I really need- that's YOU.

Author's note: 
Before kids, chocolates and flowers are luxuries, special treats; After kids a couple hours of alone time is a luxury and special treat!

Thanks to my mother who will watch our 2 year old this afternoon, post nap time, so we can celebrate Valentine's with one thing, and one thing only... Our Love. 

Etsy Startup: Tips, Tricks and My Story

  It Takes Time

   I've written here and there and a little bit of everywhere... everywhere but here, on my blog.
I write in notebooks, on scrap paper, but to turn those scribbles into type and tap the word "publish" requires effort and time.
    Before early Dec I'd blog when Sam (my two year old) was napping or after he'd gone to bed.
    That has changed- something else is occupying my time and forcing me to stare at the computer screen... Etsy.
Boring? -To you, maybe.
Addictive? -To me, yes, slightly.
But it has to be addictive in order to work.

And Dedication

    Any new business has to be like a drug you must do daily. You've got to get that fix.
    You've got to work it or it won't work. And, oftentimes, even when you are addicted, even when you do work it... it still doesn't work! Then you meagerly remove your entrepreneurial cap for several months, maybe even years, and, when you least expect it a breeze blows a new cap right onto your head. You&#…