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The Story of a Bonded Pair in a High Intake Animal Shelter

Revised 1/3/18
    Chachi arrived at Animal Services with her mother in late October, 2013.
    I didn't, and still don't know, if I can do these 2 dogs justice with words alone.
    But I'll try... simply by telling their story.

A Bonded Pair
    Have you ever seen 2 dogs so bonded... so bonded they sleep together, curled up, one using the other as a pillow, they eat together, with one always just a step behind the other, ready to play, to gently jump on its buddy, to mouth, roll around and have a lot of good ol' doggy fun?

    This is how Chachi and Chichi were, extremely bonded.
    Chachi, the daughter, was always gently bouncing on her mom to provoke play, and her mom delighted in the love and attention of her daughter!
    I'll never forget the first time I saw them- they were sleeping together in a kennel about half way down the long row of full large-dog-runs, Chachi using her mom's hip as a pillow.
    I bent down quietly and snapped a few photos, ready…