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My Experience at a Pet Food Bank

For sterilizing neighborhood cats through a local non-profit (Alley Cat Advocates) I'm eligible to receive free cat food through a pet food bank.
    I hadn't prepared myself for the food bank experience; I hadn't been aware I needed to prepare myself.

    It was similar to walking into a food stamp office, which I have done, once in my life; when we first moved back to Louisville, Ky with a 6 week old baby, my spouse nor I had a job, so we received food stamps (an EBT card technically) for 6 months, til' we got on our feet. 

    Back to the pet food bank, I circled the block 3 times before slowing down enough to identify a shabby warehouse as the No Kill Louisville Pet Food Bank (even though the GPS kept insisting it had the right spot and, of course it did!). The food bank was in what most would consider a lower-class neighborhood; lots of little liquor stores, bus stops swarming with awaiting passengers, some sleeping or passed out, stray cats aplenty and lots of peopl…