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Un Poema, El Mar

El mar me llama
No por nombre
Sino por alma

Siento su olor en la brisa
Aunque ni esta nada cerca

Veo su reflexión en el cielo
Igual a todo el mundo

Que el mar es inmenso
Su energía magnetico

Me llama el mar
Quiero estar cerca a el otra vez

...Es que me calma
Me tranquiliza
Querría poder viajar a el con esta misma brisa

Poem to Release Negative Feelings

Revised 03-29-18
I can stand being around myself
But I can't always stand being around myself with someone else

A perfect stranger is OK, but someone I know really well sometimes doesn't make me feel that swell

I'm OK to touch but to talk calmly, rationally, not so much

Is it cool to be this way?
Not so much

When will I reintegrate?
How long will it take?
Why do I have to reintegrate every day, sometimes the whole day through?
Why can't it be done once and that's it, you're through?

Apaga la mente
That's the solution para toda la gente

Pónte en un estado de 'ser' to the point you forget how it feels to care

The problem- it can take a mind-altering substance or a national disaster to get you there...
to that place where u no longer care.

Detachment, as the Buddhists call it

If it were tangible I'd eat it
I'd sell it
I'd haul it

Maybe it'd be more valuable than rhino horn
Then people could stop killing them to cut off their faces to ship all over …