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Raising a Multi-lingual Child

    A couple years ago while working at the shelter I helped a mother and her two, young daughters choose an adoptable dog.            They were all Caucasian-looking, blond and clear-eyed; they 
were Italian. The mother spoke English perfectly and didn't even have an accent. 
    And with her daughters she spoke exclusively in Italian. She would translate everything I would ask or comment to Italian. 
    Her diligence impressed me

    I've known dozens of multi-lingual parents to multi-lingual children and most, in similar situations, would go ahead and speak English when dealing with a native English speaker that doesn't speak Italian. -Not this mama! She wouldn't budge on her Italiano with those sweet girls. 
I relished the moment.  I love language.  I love different cultures.  I love hearing other languages and speaking the ones I know (English, Spanish and Portuguese). 
    In the presence of this Italian mother I knew I'd want to be equally diligent with…

Mother's Day Blog for NEW Mommies!

Last May, when my son was just 4 months old... I didn't even consider blogging about Mother's Day.
I was too new at motherhood to fathom doing anything that didn't revolve around my baby being in my arms and/or at my breast. 
    That's how I instinctively knew to mother an infant- pretty much never let him go! He nursed on demand which was every 1-2 hours and he preferred to be held by mommy in the early days, maybe because I held him all the time! 
    People tried to tell me that then but I thought they were crazy and unsympathetic to my plight of having a 'needy infant'. 
Needy Infant...
  Now I know those 2 words go together like hand in glove, butter and bread, poop and diapers... ok, you got the point!  Infants are needy.   They need to be needy to survive.  There's a '4th trimester' philosophy which states the first 3 months out of the mother's womb are equivalent to the infant's 4th trimester. Dr. Karp explains it well in his book and DVD,