Pregnant? Go Ahead and Let Other Women Get Giddy Over Your Bump!

    Being pregnant is a magical, surreal experience for most women.
    It's a treasured time of life full of special moments, memories and one that provokes a feeling like no other.

    It's also something many women experience only once in a lifetime.
    So remember this next time a perfect stranger asks you when you're due or what you're having, or when the 60-something-year-old-lady that cleans your office comments on your gravid state at least twice a day, always with a sweet smile on her face, or when the lady at the gas station nicely reminds you caffeine isn't good for the baby as you attempt to buy a latte on the go.

    Let these women live vicariously through you for a few moments out of their day and yours.
    At the moment it may seem annoying but later you'll understand and you'll be the one trying not to go, "Ohhh, I remember when I was pregnant," with a giddy smile on your face whenever you see a delightfully round belly cross your path!