A Poem for Baby Sam

Samuel, my sweet baby boy,
You've brought me so much joy!
You're perfect in every single way,
I just want to hug and squeeze you every hour of every day.
Sometimes you drive me crazy but I miss you if for five minutes I'm away!

My sweet, perfect little boy,
Te Adoro
Eres mi gran tesoro, para mi vales mil veces más que el oro.
I never want to think of you being far away,
I hope that near me forever you will stay,
But I know that's not life's typical plan,
One day you'll go off and become your own man.

However I hope you don't stray too far and even if you do that you never have to drown your sorrows in a bar.
May joy and peace and wisdom illuminate your path,
Another slightly silly wish I have for you is that you'll be good at math!
People that are good at math can write their own ticket, but even if you're not one of them I know you'll be fine and even if sometimes you don't feel fine you'll always be mine.

I feel honored the Universe chose me to be your mom,
I'm the one to guide and teach you while you're here on this earth,
it's confusing here, it's not always fair and sometimes life can be hard to bear.
But know that I love you always and forever.
Know that we have a bond that cannot be severed.

Know that there's something bigger, more grand and magnificent than any of us are,
Know that it's always near, know that it's here, know that it's within you, an eternal source of strength that need not go untapped.
Tap in regularly to know Its blessings and you will be safe from Earth's potential wrath.

You are sweet, silly, funny and smart.
Eres lindo, precioso, y siempre estarás aquí en Mommy's heart.