It's a Man's World, poem

"You might as well accept it,"
that's what my grandma says,
"It's a man's world, It just is."

And I never even realized how uneven the roles really were, really are-
today I got so frustrated I even came to have a drink in a bar.

Here there's football on the screens, there are men everywhere, seeming to have not a worry or care.
Good for them, good for you, it must be nice to not have a fucking clue.

Once the baby came that's really what changed the game.
After the baby nothing was the same.

I became handicapped over night, having no use of my arm on the right.

Learning to cook, pee, open doors with the use of one arm,
for a new mom... with an infant... this is the new norm.
You helped out as much as you could but for you life went on, as it should.

One cannot understand the constant demand until one has been in another's shoes-
the role of new mother, a more challenging and rewarding one,
there is no other.

Now, months later you tell me I'm grumpy, negative, not the same.
Oh I'm sorry, is this not what you bargained for when playing the game?
Well me neither!

Having to bitch and nag, feeling like I often look like an old hag,
seeing my mile-long to do list every single day while on your days off video games you play.
I don't like the person I've become, too often feeling the urge to numb, numb my feelings, numb my brain, at times it seems the only way to keep myself sane.

I'm beyond happy with our son, but with you I can't say I'm having much fun.

The song "Makin' Whoopee" sums it all up just swell,
listen to Ella tell you all about it, with her voice, like a bell.

Reviewed on 4/20/18 Of course when I wrote this I was just having a bad day and needed to vent!
My husband, the father of our son, is a WONDERFUL man and I'm blessed to have him!