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Moms are Different

Not all moms can cope, mentally, with staying home with their little ones full time.
    Not all moms can cope, emotionally, with going to work every day and leaving their little ones behind full time.

    Not all moms can choose whether they will work or stay home with their little ones; these moms often wish they could stay home but if they were to stay home many would find they prefer working because most any job is less fatiguing than caring for a little one, full time.

    Not all moms can deal with not getting a date night at least once a month with their partners.
    Not all moms can find the time and energy to arrange for a sitter, get ready to go out and make plans for a date night once a month, or for some moms, even once a year!

    Some moms bottle-feed, some moms breast-feed.
    Some moms drink alcoholic beverages when they're nursing, they 'pump and dump' (as one friend called it)!
    Other moms choose not to drink alcoholic beverages when nursing.

    Not all…

Finding God Off the Beaten Path

Just because you don't see dogs aimlessly wondering the streets doesn't mean there aren't homeless dogs.
There are hundreds in the animal shelter just a few miles from your home. Go there.

Just because you don't see people with bones outlined through their clothing doesn't mean there aren't hungry people. 
There are dozens at the soup kitchen, downtown in your city. 
Go there.

Just because you don't see a 20-something-year-old with a needle dangling from an arm doesn't mean there aren't addicts among America's youth. 
There are many at recovery centers all
around, and waiting to enter recovery centers all around. Go there.

Just because you don't see kids walking around with no hair or eyebrows doesn't mean there aren't children being medicated/poisoned in the fight for their lives. 
There are hundreds at the hospital around the corner from where you work. Go there.

Just because you don't see women walking around with black eyes and bruised…