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The Magical Powers of the Nursing Breast

Be forewarned: this blog didn't turn out as I had anticipated. It's difficult to put something so intimate, special, simple yet complex, as nursing, into words. 
For me- nursing is mothering in its utmost form.
It hasn't always been easy; at first it was exasperating constantly having a little person attached to me but over time I came to cherish and treasure nursing. 
It is the most amazing gift I can give my baby boy. It's giving all of me to him so that he can be his healthiest. 
There's nothing more genuine than giving of one's own body to keep another alive. 

    Shortly after Samuel transitioned from his mother's womb to the bright, cold hospital room, he cried.
    As with most newborn babies he began crying and could not be consoled as nurses clipped his umbilical cord and wiped him off.      He could not be consoled that is until he was placed on his mother's chest.
    His mother had insisted the baby be placed, naked, on her chest right after he was…