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My body knows something I don't know- final weeks of pregnancy

At my most recent doctor visit I was greeted in a friendly manner with this question,
 "So, you're 38 weeks now. Are you going to want us to induce you or what's the plan?"
Since I've done research throughout the pregnancy on how common birth interventions (such as induction) are I shouldn't have even been surprised by my doctor's question, but I was.
It's still shocking to me when doctors mention birthing medical procedures with such frankness, like it's all just part of the process.
At another appointment a few weeks ago I was told by a different OB within the practice,
"If you're screaming in pain I will not stay in the room... and neither will your partner."
He said this in response to my comment that I was planning on having a natural birth without an epidural.
Now, that's not a very reassuring, encouraging thing to say to woman that wants to birth naturally is it?
Upon finding out I was pregnant I began reading an entertain…