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When Someone You Know and Love Buys From a Breeder

Updated 01-04-18
    If you're not involved in pet rescue you may not understand the title of this blog.
    So read it, so you can understand.

    Over the years I've heard about friends of rescue friends buying a dog from a breeder oppose to adopting. Over the years I've heard about this action breaking up friendships or driving a wedge between people.
    I've also experienced this on a personal level and it has converted once-lovely-friendships into an abyss of separation a time or two.
    A few years ago while working at Animal Services I had a girlfriend that wanted a dog, a puppy.
    On various occasions I showed her pictures of adoptable pets, I spoke to her about how rewarding adoption was, how she had the power to save a life and asked her regularly, "When are you going to adopt?!"

    The next thing I know she's posting pictures on facebook of a french bulldog puppy.
    I was horrified.
    We discussed her purchase briefly and she said the typical t…