2 Poems

Don't Let It All Be In Vain

God don't let all of this suffering be in vain
Your world is like a stitched, oozy wound without a drain
Everyone and everything seems to be bursting at the seams
Who can really blame the drunks, addicts and fiends
Perhaps they've got it right, finding a suitable numbing device
Until it becomes a vice, costing them their life
But is that such a terrible price to pay?
We're all going to die anyway.
Just please don't let it all be in vain
If there's no happy place here-ever-after it 'd be a real shame
For all those that waited day in and day out for their luck to change only to take the blue juice to the vain
For all those that went to bed hungry night after night counting their blessings rather than pondering their plight
For those that died for having beautiful tusks or amazing coats to feed an ever-hungry population
God for these and for all let there be a happy-ever-after, a place of salvation!
Please don't let it all be in vain, the mere thought of it is driving me insane!
My level of empathy is getting the best of me 'but don't think twice, it's alright' as Dylan once said- thank God something else is coming into my head.

State of Being

Now is a time to be led
not to guide,
A time to be fed
without showing hunger,
A time not to hide nor to 'be seen,'
rather just to be
Just be me
Just be you
As we were 20 years ago-
a time before we knew that aiming high could make you feel low
a time when fear knew not the address to our brain or guilt to our conscience
Now is a time to live as if we're not part of this
A time to separate ourselves from this mess
Just be
Just be me
Just be you
As we were 20 millenniums ago-
and we were, not as we are, but we were
A time when protons and neutrons were neither friend nor foe
and the magnetic force pulled and pushed all in the same
just as it does now deep within body, soul and brain
that is why we were
that is how we are
that is how it will be-
an energy
a synergy
It's here now, for and part of you and me
But you won't know it if you can't just be.

- Both poems written on paper a few months ago, at different times.
Writing is a good release, a good form of expression.
Feelings change, constantly.
It's important to have various outlets for our feelings, especially the not-so-pleasant ones, it's crucial to get them out... writing is one outlet that works well for me. :)