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2 Poems

Don't Let It All Be In Vain

God don't let all of this suffering be in vain
Your world is like a stitched, oozy wound without a drain
Everyone and everything seems to be bursting at the seams
Who can really blame the drunks, addicts and fiends
Perhaps they've got it right, finding a suitable numbing device
Until it becomes a vice, costing them their life
But is that such a terrible price to pay?
We're all going to die anyway.
Just please don't let it all be in vain
If there's no happy place here-ever-after it 'd be a real shame
For all those that waited day in and day out for their luck to change only to take the blue juice to the vain
For all those that went to bed hungry night after night counting their blessings rather than pondering their plight
For those that died for having beautiful tusks or amazing coats to feed an ever-hungry population
God for these and for all let there be a happy-ever-after, a place of salvation!
Please don't let it all be in …

Brownie, a pup

You were just a baby, not even 6 months old.
You had gorgeous hazel eyes with a great chocolate-colored coat and nice caramel-colored markings.
You never really barked much, even though you were in a teeny tiny, bottom cage,shadowed there, likely bored and stir crazy out of your little mind!
You were always just grateful for anyone that would pay attention to you; even better, get you out to play.
On Saturday it seemed your puppy dog prayers had been answered: a nice, vivacious man with 3 friendly kids chose you.
They got you out, played with you, loved you and placed an adoption hold.
You had surgery (neuter) and your new family was scheduled to pick you up the day after your nice meet and greet, Sunday.
2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.... still no family... where were they?!
Then Monday rolled around.
That's when I saw you still at the shelter and I was perplexed; your family had seemed so nice, so sincere, surely they didn't bail on you... but they did.
Monday after…