Copy of my letter to Mayor Gimenez on axing the No Kill Miami Initiative

Honorable Mayor Gimenez:
It was awe-inspiring to see our city come together confident in consensus to save innocent lives.
Miami residents overwhelmingly were in favor of giving an average of $10 per every $100,000 in property tax value to end pet euthanasia in this city.
-A beautiful and necessary change for Miami pets was finally within reach.
We the citizens voted, volunteered, raised money and we stuck by the idea of a No Kill Miami for MONTH after MONTH.
 We didn't stop paying attention or stop caring... ever. We were steadfast in our commitment to see this through.
 We missed work to attend commissioner hearings, we shared on social media sites, we prayed, we did everything in our power to assure Miami would become No Kill.
The ASPCA, one of the largest nationwide-animal-welfare organizations, was equally supportive and eager to see Miami implement this change in law.
There was positive buzz about this becoming a 'model for the rest of the country.'
Wow. -We were so close to being able to end pet euthanasia, over time.
At MDAS we've received an average of 80 dogs per day over the past few days... gives a new, horrific meaning to the saying, 'the dog days of summer' right?
challenge you Mayor to go to MDAS 5 days in a row, get out a half or dozen dogs or so just to play and interact with (we have an awesome, big field!) and stand by your position to ax the 'Pet Trust/No Kill' initiative.
And I don't mean go, as a politician and get your picture taken with a couple of dogs, I mean, take them out, watch them play, interact, hug them, look at them, get to know them, open your heart to them as a compassionate ser humano.
 Do this then say no to the No Kill measure. Isn't that fair?
Isn't it sensible to at least see and feel what you've thrown away?


Jessica Pita