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Credit Where Credit's Due, in the Workplace

Initially written in 2013, edited, 2017

    Today my manager returned to work from the monthly ASPCA meeting; my position as Adoption Counselor is an ASPCA-funded one.
    "How'd the meeting go?" I asked as we passed in the hall; we were both busy.
    "Great! They love you. They're so happy with your work, everything's great," he said, smiling all the while.
    Eventually I caught a moment to pop in my manager's office to chat in greater detail.
    He went on about how impressed they were with the foster program, our numbers and... they even wanted him to go to a conference in September to talk about the program!
    "Great, that's great," I murmured, with as much fake enthusiasm as possible. "And did you tell them what I'm doing, about my part in all of this?" I asked.

     "Oh yeah. All your numbers are here," he gestured to a thick binder. "This is all thanks to you Jessica," he said, as I walked…