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On having children (maybe good for women only readers)

Hmmm... don't really know how to begin, blogging about something so personal.
I'm 33 years old and I never imagined myself not having children.
Like most young women I would picture myself, as an adult, with kids. I never questioned it much, just took it for granted that I would have kids one day.
I've always adored children and have always gotten along well with kids, from infancy to teenagers- I truly enjoy young people.
Now, when really recollecting, during my college years my thinking concerning child-bearing did temporarily change.
I remember talking with one of my high school friends by phone when I was around 23, at the time she was pregnant with her 2nd or 3rd child. We talked about kids and I said something like, "You don't feel strange having kids knowing there are more than 15,000 kids dying from hunger-related issues every single day in this world?"
I likely also mentioned the fact that there are around 6 billion people occupying the world, and th…

On Manipulating Perception

This is a continuation of former blog on perception:

'Manipulating' is a strong word, which is precisely why I chose it for the title of this post.
Influence especially by cunning is one definition for 'manipulate' in Webster's Dictionary.
And that's kind of what we have to do when working to alter our perception; be cunning, cleverly tricking our psyche into thinking differently, perceiving our world and selves differently.
Anyone who says manipulating perception is easy is either lying or is extremely practiced at it, or both!
In my experience it's a lifestyle, a constant work in progress. At times I feel I've made no progress in the arena of changing my perception, and this is exactly when I'm reminded to work on my perception-altering practices.
An example: this past Wednesday morning we received a call from our landlord, he said people were complaining about our bird being too noisy. We were stunned and confused. I've had little Guapo, a pe…